How to report bugs....

Here you may post Bugs that you have had

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How to report bugs....

Beitragvon Denis Hessberger » 26.07.2011, 21:28

A typical bug report should appear as follows:

Thread Title:
“(xx, yyy) Bug Report: zzz” where xx is the desk type (C1 or C2) yyy is the software version and zzz is a brief description of the bug.

Post body:

If it's a Creation II Series desk, include the type:
Software Version:
External Display Connected, is a touchscreen?:
Connected USB Devices:
Networked Devices:
Detailed description of the problem including instructions to reproduce (if possible) and exact syntax used:
List any errors reported by the software:

We prefer that you upload the showfile in your thread and instructions for repeating a problem whenever possible.

For Creation 2 OnPC please also include the following additional information:

Operating System:
Computer Specs:
VirtualBox Version:
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