Creation V3.15

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Creation V3.15

Beitragvon Breti » 22.02.2010, 17:26

-changes SubMode Button Behavior on Buttonpanel: Chaser, Preset, Macro and Multichaser Default is now always "List"
-Reworked Timing Subsystem
-Resolved Bug, where Creation Client Crashed after 49days uptime
-Resolved bug, where Creation Client quit with a Network Timeout after random times
-Added Memtest Boot Option for System Memory Check. If this check runs without any errors for at least 10-20 hours, everything is fine. Notice: This test never ends! It runs as long as you let it!
-Solved Server Crash Error, when using Chaser Speed Fader intensively while Chaser were running
-Solved minor bug: With new chasers the "Release Overwritten" flag has not been initialized properly.
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