Creation HTML Client for V3.0 (and higher)

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Creation HTML Client for V3.0 (and higher)

Beitragvon Breti » 04.08.2009, 17:51

Hi everybody,

the new Creation HTML Client has been updated to be compatible with Creation V3.0 and higher and is now ready for download:

We have also reworked all the examples to make it easier for you to build your own custom interfaces.

The Creation Html Client is a Windows Software that connects via Network to a Creation light control console in order to remote control it. The interface displayed by the software is not fixed. Any interface may be written by just writing a html website and putting it into the software folder. The software comes with a lot of examples on how to embed fader, buttons, cuelists and info elements into your custom "webpage-user-interface".

These examples also explain the various possibilities to change the appearance of the elements. You can use custom images for almost everything or completely redefine appearance by just using a css-like syntax.

See here for an example which has been done by only using the css-like syntax (the example is included in the download package):

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in our forum.

Kind regards,
Thomas Bretgeld
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