Preliminary Feature List V3.06

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Preliminary Feature List V3.06

Beitragvon Breti » 11.06.2009, 17:08

Hi everyone,

we are proud to announce that that first Release for the Creation V3.0 software edition is beeing released soon. We have now entered the Beta testing phase. Since so many of you have asked me when it will be finished and what features will be implemented, I have written a preliminary feature list for you, which you can download here: ... eNotes.pdf

Let me just highlight a few things about it:
Some of you have seen the preview on the Prolight&Sound 2 months ago. So you already now about the brand new effect engine and maybe even the timing and effect presets. But there is more:
The new release also features a brand new fader section with a template page and up to 99 Fader Pages and a lot of other stuff. But there is still something bigger:

The desk now supports a fully redundant tracking backup in network mode!

This means you can now run 2 desks in a networked mode giving you a fully redundant backup solution!

If you want to beta test this new release, please contact Denis. Please also forward him any errors you might find. The more you find the quicker the release will become a final version :)

Hope to hear from you all,
Thomas Bretgeld
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