Creation V3.17

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Creation V3.17

Beitragvon Breti » 02.05.2011, 17:15

This is a major bugfix release for the Creation I. Please make sure to backup all your shows before you install this update. The update is going to try to fix possibly wrong initializations of the "Don't rel overwritten" flag in all chasers!!!

-Fixed error in Library Editor that will crash the server during the creation of new fixtures, if the manufacturer name is longer than 8 characters.
-Fixed Bug: Restoring a show from USB stick will block all inputs to the currently open show. User interface seems to block almost all interaction.
-Fixed Bug that show list would be reloaded from disk too often.
-Fixed Bug: Chaser Setting "Don't Release Overwritten" may have been initialized to a random value in all prior software releases with a chance of 0.4%. This software tries to correct this error for already existing shows.

Shows updated to V3.17 will stay compatible to the Creation II software, so that they can still be opened with the new desk (Creation II Software >= V1,04)!

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