Creation II V2.28 Beta

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Creation II V2.28 Beta

Beitragvon Breti » 04.12.2012, 14:37

This is a bugfix release of the V2.26 Beta:

Main Bugfixes:
-DMX Input wasn't working in V2.26 due to a bug in the PCB Firmware. Solved with new updated Firmware for Creation II Input PCB to V2.04.
-Acer T230H is working again. Solved by rollback to an older Linux Kernel. The current Linux Kernel still has an issue with the particular touch panel used by the Acer touchscreen.

Minor Bugfixes:
-Fixed wrong screenshot information text when creating a screenshot of the external monitor
-Fixed missing input filter for Line Edit in Store Screen: Invalid characters from external keyboard are not allowed anymore

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